You are currently viewing Top 3 Pros and Cons of Summer Weddings | Navigate Planning Summer Weddings!

Top 3 Pros and Cons of Summer Weddings | Navigate Planning Summer Weddings!

As you embark on the journey of planning your dreamy outdoor summer wedding, making the choice to host your event during the ideal season is a crucial decision. Considering Summer weddings involved special attention. At White Fence Farm, the expansive Trade, TN event venue, the unique considerations involved in booking a summer wedding are well thought out. The right accommodations to meet your needs are available at the farm. Explore the pros and cons of saying “I do” amidst the warmth and sunshine of the summer season, discover what key things to be mindful of, and find out just how White Fence Farm makes summer weddings easy.

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Pros of Summer Weddings:

  1. Sunshine | Sunny Outdoor Celebrations:
  • Pro: Summer weddings offer the opportunity to exchange vows in the natural beauty of the great outdoors, with warm sunshine and blue skies providing a stunning backdrop for your ceremony and reception.
  • Venue Advantage: At White Fence Farm, the expansive grounds with over 100 acres and picturesque original barn, create the perfect setting for outdoor celebrations, allowing couples to bask in nature as they say “I do” and PARTY!
  1. Variety | Vibrant Color Palette:
  •   Pro: Summer florals are vast in vibrancy and variety. The seasonal blooms are plenty, which can in turn help with costs. The vibrant hues of summer flowers lend themselves to a colorful and festive atmosphere, allowing couples to incorporate bold and bright elements into their wedding décor.  Discover local nurseries and consider DIY floral arrangements to save on costs.
  •   Venue Advantage: The rustic barn on the White Fence Farm property provides a versatile canvas for couples to let their creativity and design run! Reflect your unique style and personality, with lush greenery and colorful blooms – if that’s what speaks to you.
  1. Time | Extended Daylight Hours:
  •    Pro: With longer daylight hours in the summer, couples have more flexibility in scheduling their wedding events and can enjoy outdoor activities and photo sessions well into the evening with light sticking around to play in.
  •    Venue Advantage: White Fence Farm offers the convenience of FULL privacy on the property, allowing couples to make the most of the summer sunshine and their nighttime party. Create unforgettable memories that last from sunrise to moonrise!

Cons of  Summer Weddings:

  1. Heat | Hot Weather Concerns:
  • Con: Summer weddings may be subject to hot and humid weather conditions, posing challenges for outdoor ceremonies and receptions, as well as discomfort for guests.
  •  Venue Advantage: While nobody can control the weather, White Fence Farm offers shaded areas and tenting to ensure the comfort of guests and mitigate the effects of summer heat. Also, Trade, TN is situated within the rolling hills and mountains of the High Country – where temperatures are notoriously cooler than surrounding areas.
  1. Cost | Peak Season Pricing:
  • Con: Summer is peak wedding season, which can result in higher prices for venues, vendors, and accommodations, potentially stretching couples’ budgets.
  •   Venue Advantage: At White Fence Farm, the pricing of wedding packages remains the same year round. The pricing is affordable. The value us stellar! No hidden costs, no staffing fees! 
  1. Availability | Competitive Booking Dates:
  • Con: Popular summer dates at desirable venues may book up quickly, leading to limited availability and increased competition among couples vying for their preferred dates.
  • Venue Advantage: White Fence Farm not only offers the venue for your event, but you also get to book the Farmhouse for accommodations. Making the whole weekend easy on the wedding party. White Fence Farm also offers WEEKDAY weddings – ask about special Weekday Weddings when you call to book your tour! Monday Weddings are refreshing, intimate, and fun!

As couples weigh the pros and cons of summer weddings, White Fence Farm Rentals and Event Venue stands ready to be the perfect spot to create an unforgettable celebration that exceeds their expectations. Whether embracing the sunny outdoor party, vibrant color palette, and extended daylight hours or addressing hot weather concerns, pricing, and availability challenges, White Fence Farm offers the flexibility and value to make your summer wedding dreams a reality. Summer soirée? Ready to shine as brightly as the summer sun on your big day?

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