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Your guide to a family friendly winter weekend in Boone, NC

Do you love planning your vacation? Some people love it and some people hate it, which is why we put together this nifty little post. Let us take the stress out of planning with this guide to a family friendly winter weekend in Boone, NC. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite things to do during the winter and we’ve even made you an itinerary. Follow it as closely as you want, or make moderations and take inspiration. Just know that we’ve taken care of the planning for at least one of your vacation days. So safe travels, and have fun exploring! 

Make breakfast. 

It’s 8am, and it’s time to rise and shine. If you’ve got little ones we know you’ll be waking up at 8am at the latest, if you’re lucky, if they’re worn out from traveling. (Let’s be real, you’ll probably be up at 6am sharp.) Regardless, try to make waking up on vacation as relaxing as possible. Sometimes going out for breakfast can be just as hard as whipping up something yourself. If you’re in one of our vacation rental homes you’ve got kitchen access and we highly suggest making a simple breakfast and saving all that money for lunch, dinner, or other activities. 

Start exploring!

It’s late morning, and we’ve got plenty of ideas for adventure up our sleeves. Let the kids get out some energy with a brisk walk around downtown Boone. Don’t forget to layer up. You just made breakfast, so you deserve a speciality coffee. I recommend checking out Espresso News in the heart of downtown Boone. Or, walk to Stick Boy Bakery. If you didn’t already have breakfast, you should grab a few of their homemade cinnamon buns. They’ve also got a great selection of homemade cookies, so grab a few for the kids for a sweet treat later in the day. Opting for something a little less sugary? Grab a loaf of bread for toast the next morning or for sandwiches during your trip. 

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Favorite indoor activities

Center 45

Go climbing with the whole fam! Enjoy 2000 square feet of indoor climbing (bouldering) terrain. The walls at Center 45 are 14 feet tall with varied terrain. Center 45 is a great place for beginners and advanced climbers alike. 

10 High Country Lanes

Go bowling in Boone. If it’s a cold, rainy, winter day there’s nothing better than bowling. Plus, this bowling alley has a bar. A full bar. They’ve got a pretty extensive food menu, too. Grab a bite for lunch off their menu, or walk to Stick Boy’s Bakery’s sister restaurant called Stick Boy Kitchen. It’s practically right next door. 

Turchin Center for the Arts

Get cultured and check out what the Turchin Center has to offer. There’s always something unique going on, so make sure to check out their website to see what’s happening. 

Gem Mining

It’s classic. I recommend checking out Doc’s Rocks at Mystery Hill. 

Favorite outdoor activities


Hiking, hiking, and more hiking. Did we say hiking? Anything and everything off the Blue Ridge Parkway goes. For something a little more off the beaten path, head to Elk Knob State Park. 

Skiing & Snowboarding

Our vacation rental homes are close to so many of the South’s greatest slopes. If you’re coming to the mountains this time of year, your trip won’t be complete without hitting the slopes.

Snow Tubing

If skiing and snowboarding aren’t your thing, I suggest snow tubing. Check out Jonas Ridge Snow Tubing for more information. 

Rocky Knob Mountain Bike Park

If it’s a nice sunny day and you’re willing to brave the cold, check out Rocky Knob park. They’ve got miles of mountain bike trails and they’ve also got hiking trails, too. There’s a park as well, so pack and lunch and have a picnic. 

What’s cookin’? 

It’s getting close to dinner time by now. The kids are likely getting a bit hangry. And if you spent the day exploring, chances are you don’t want to cook dinner. We’ve got a few recommendations. Bundle up and walk up the street to our sister property, the Horton Hotel. Get a hot toddy for yourself and Shirley Temples for the kids before dinner. Brave the chill and check out the rooftop, then come back down to our cozy lounge to finish your drinks.

Walk across King Street and up Depot to drop into Lost Province for dinner. They’re a brewery, and they’ve got an amazing menu! Think wood-fired pizza, locally sourced ingredients, salads, sandwiches, and more. We also suggest checking out The Local or The Cardinal. If you’re wanting something really fast, check out Come Back Shack.

Check our availability! 

What are you waiting for? Check our availability here. We hope you’re able to enjoy a great family friendly winter weekend in Boone, NC with us.