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2023, the Year to Save Money on Your Wedding Day!

Inflation is Driving Up Costs across the Wedding Industry, but that shouldn’t stop you from Saying I Do!

You can Save Money on Your Wedding Day with these Tips

Let’s face it, prices for just about everything are increasing these days! We’ve all heard the banter about eggs now being a luxury grocery item. The global supply chain is affecting the cost of doing business for most and the wedding industry has been impacted by the rising costs too.

Couples planning their 2023 and 2024 weddings are faced with paying inflated prices for their dream weddings, except for those that are willing to think outside of the box to save on their big day. There are creative ways to save big bucks on the details, there are smart venue choices that won’t break the bank, and there are talented vendors in the industry willing to create extraordinary wedding experiences at all price points! 

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Let the Savings Begin…start with Something OLD to Save Money on your Wedding Day!

That something old is simple, it’s just an old fashioned budget. Once the excitement of the proposal settles in, couples should consider two key things that will steer their budget and their experience as they embark on planning their wedding day.


First, create a mission statement in which you identify and prioritize what your “splurge items” will be. The splurge items should be a shortlist of what you’re most looking forward to when you imagine the wedding day. The items are non-negotiables and they are a top priority when creating your budget. Remind yourselves of this mission statement that you create as your plans unfold, go back to it when tough questions arise, and be flexible enough to amend it if you change your minds along the way. Secondly, have “the talk” with each other and with any relatives that are contributing to the wedding budget.

Start day one of planning with an actual number and begin deducting vendor costs and wedding items from that number to fine tune your budget. Allow your splurge items to be at the top of the list. Let go of the items that are eating up too much of your starting number. The average US wedding costs don’t matter, have the wedding you can afford. 

It’s crucial to track every penny you spend on your event along the way to stay on track and save money on  your wedding day.

A few tips to help make tracking your spending easier:

  • Make a spreadsheet
  • Consider opening a joint account specifically for wedding expenses
  • Ask for all taxes and fees from vendors up front
  • Budget for gratuity for your vendors from the beginning so no last minute surprises arise

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Now for Something NEW to Save Money on Your Wedding Day, Remember You Don’t have to Stick to Tradition!

Just because your grandmother and mom did it doesn’t mean you must do it. Weddings are not one size fits all any longer. Vendors are mastering unique ways to help couples experience their special day without being pigeonholed to tradition.

Here’s a list of 5 out-of-the-box ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Day:

  1. Pick a weekday wedding date instead of Saturday – wedding venues discount weekday events to fill their calendars 
  2. Choose a wedding venue that offers DIY event set ups – opt out of venues that include all the bells and whistles so you can choose where you want to spend your funds
  3. Use digital wedding e-vites instead of paper invitations – response rates are actually proven higher with digital e-vites
  4. Forgo the elaborate floral centerpieces and place your favorite pictures on each table instead – your guests will love seeing all the places you two have traveled together, then gift a few of them at the end of the event to your parents and loved ones
  5. Serve two signature cocktails that you two love at your reception and forget the open bar – remember this is a celebration of your love and lives together, not a nightclub
  6. No need to have a big expensive tiered white wedding cake, serve your favorite cookies and candies instead – yes, a goody bag filled with Oreos would be delightful

White Fence Farm, the perfect, affordable do-it-yourself wedding venue! If you’re looking to get married in a rustic setting, White Fence Farm offers the perfect venue for a fabulous farm wedding just 15 minutes from downtown Boone. Affordable rates, easy access, and very private. White Fence Farm offers tables, pews for seating, tent coverage, wine barrels and more to make it easy on your day of! Ask about WEEKDAY DATES and WEEKENDS STILL AVAILABLE 2023-2024! MORE INFO | Call 828-202-4262 to book now!

Look no further than Something BORROWED to Save Money on Your Wedding Day!

This is easy and your loved ones will surely be excited to share some of their treasures with you to help you create a special day! Borrowing items instead of buying new will help you save big bucks. Ask yourselves what your friends and family own that could be used for your wedding day? It could be anything from wedding decor to wedding attire. So, consider borrowing and reduce the items you need to purchase or rent.

Check out this list of items you can borrow to save money on your wedding day:

  • Decorative vases/jars for arrangements or favors
  • Family cake stands for the dessert bar
  • Heirloom cake cutting utensils
  • Wedding dress or suit to wear, remember you’ll only wear this once
  • Vintage car to take fun “getaway” photos post wedding

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Last Trick to Save Money on Your Wedding Day involves Something BLUE!

The color blue represents credibility, think of it as the “Blue Standard.” One of the best ways you can keep your wedding budget under control is choosing credible and trustworthy vendors to work alongside you with tried and true reviews. Being able to believe in and trust the wedding team you’ve hired will give you and your pockets peace of mind. Research vendors prior to booking with them, read past reviews on several platforms and ask for trusted recommendations from your friends and family. Making the mistake of choosing to work with a not-so-stellar vendor could lead to day-of disasters to fix that could end up pushing your budget over the edge. 

You will find trustworthy and experienced wedding vendors in The High Country. The wedding industry is booming in the NC and TN mountains because the grand vistas and beautiful landscapes are highly sought after! The High Country Event Professionals offers couples an incredible wedding planning resource, check them out HERE! The network of High Country vendors you’ll find here will steer you in the right direction, there’s something for everyone!

White Fence Farm Wedding & Event Venue is beautiful rustic property on 105 acres of pure privacy, complete with bubbling springs, a fish pond, cow fields, personal hiking trails, and vintage farm equipment, all surrounded by delightful wild flowers and tree-topped mountain-scapes. This peaceful, open setting is the perfect place for your farm-style or boho chic wedding dreams to come true, as simple or decorative as you wish, and allows you to work with planners, vendors, caterers, etc. of your choice. You can even DIY every step if you’d like to, consider a family style affair! The rolling green property provides couples with the quintessential backdrop for beautiful wedding photos.

Give us a call to talk about DATES and Save Money on Your Wedding Day! White Fence Farm Wedding & Event Venue is one of the Boone Wedding Venues

Written by Andrea Morton, Creative Blogging + Marketing Strategies