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Elevate your proposal: make it extra sweet on Valentine’s Day

Did you know? Roughly 40% of engagements occur between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day comes in right behind Christmas and is the second most popular day to get engaged! So if you’re wondering if they will pop the question, well… there’s a good chance that they just might! If you’re reading this and wondering whether now is a good time or not, it is. If you’re getting butterflies, well, we understand. It’s natural. This is a BIG deal. We’ve compiled a list of ways to help make your Valentine’s Day proposal extra special. 

Location, location, location. 

Valentine’s Day is on a Friday this year. This is great because it offers the opportunity to plan a weekend getaway. Choose a special place that has significance for you and your partner. Or choose a place that you want to have significance for you and your partner. Since I’m based out of Boone, NC I’m a bit biased. The mountains are a beautiful place to not only get married, but to also get engaged. Consider a proposal in the high country! 

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And consider your partner, of course. 

Perhaps the most important thing about a proposal is making it uniquely yours. Consider your partner. What do they love? What do you both love, as a couple? Are you the type of couple who enjoys adventuring together? Do you prefer quiet nights in? Or are you social butterflies, who love going out with your friends? 

The quiet couple.

A candlelit dinner for two, please. It sounds cliche, but sometimes a quiet night out with the one that you love is just super special. It can be hard to make that time as a couple. We all tend to juggle a lot of responsibilities. So, plan a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. Your partner will likely expect that you’re just doing something sweet for Valentine’s Day. This makes a proposal even more surprising. Restaurant staff will often go out of their way to help make your experience really special. Trust me, I’ve been on that end of things. Don’t be afraid to call ahead and do some planning. 

Social butterflies.

If you and your sweetie love spending time out with your friends, maybe you should consider a more social proposal. Gather up a group for a Valentine’s Day dinner and pop the question right before dessert. It’ll be extra sweet. If you and your partner are big fans of going out and seeing live music, consider purchasing tickets to a show. Many times the venue or the artist will work with you to coordinate the proposal. If your partner loves the spotlight, head to the theatre. Perhaps you can even take the stage and pop the question. 

Active adventurers.

If you love adventuring together, there are endless opportunities for a proposal. If you’re headed to the mountains, do some trail research. Pick a new trail, or choose an old favorite. Pack a picnic lunch, and bundle up. For a really challenging hike, opt for something like Profile Trail. The time it takes to do the hike is a great time to just converse and laugh with your partner. We all need to do more of that, right? Pop the question at the top and enjoy views for miles. 

We’ll provide the lodging…and maybe even the venue.

Don’t forget that we’ve got several vacation rental homes available in the heart of downtown Boone. We’ve also got the farmhouse in Trade, TN which doubles as a vacation rental and as an event venue. Plan your stay with us. We hope you enjoyed some of these special ideas for a Valentine’s day proposal.