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Rustic fall wedding ideas | 5 tips for a gorgeous mountain ceremony

We’re beginning to wake up to chilly mornings here in Boone, North Carolina. It feels like such a treat after a long, hot, humid summer. The leafs are starting to change color, lush green ripening into rich golden hues. There’s a thick mist settled around the mountains in the mornings, it slowly burns off with the rising sun and gives way to crisp, clear days. The sky is so blue it feels like you can see for miles: this is Appalachia in October. It’s the perfect time of year for a wedding. There are many beautiful venues in our area, but naturally I’m partial to our barn at White Fence Farm. There’s just something about a rustic, open air barn in the autumn. It’s the perfect place for a fall wedding, and we’ve got plenty of rustic fall wedding ideas. 

1. Use what’s in season. 

This is arguably the best thing about autumn. It’s harvest season after all, and here in the Blue Ridge Mountains apple reigns king. There are so many local farms with an abundance of unique varieties that you won’t find in a grocery store. Consider homemade apple cider, mini apple pies, or a doughnut wall featuring handmade apple cider glazed doughnuts from our local shop: Local Lion

2. Play off of fall colors. 

Fall color palettes are generally rich and warming. For the neutral loving couple, think beige and chocolate brown. Make it a little more glam with rich jewel tones and hints of metallic. The possibilities are endless! Incorporate the rich tones of autumn into your bridal bouquet, too. I’m a big fan of dried flowers, and have seen gorgeous centerpieces featuring a blend of live and dried autumn flowers. 

3. Pumpkins. 

How could I write about fall weddings and not talk about pumpkins?!? Impossible. There are so many ways to incorporate pumpkins into your rustic fall wedding. I suggest searching for heirloom varieties. A few of my personal favorites: Jarrahdale, Musque de Provence, Black Futsu, Lumina, and Cinderella. Honestly, you could even model your entire color palette off of the subtle, beautiful shades of these heirloom pumpkins. 

4. Make it cozy. 

Blankets and a blazing fire are the perfect way to keep it cozy during your rustic fall wedding. Mix it up, and drape a variety of different textured blankets in strategic locations. Consider draping them on the backs of chairs, or maybe have a designated blanket station. Roast marshmallows and make s’mores if you build a fire in our fire pit at White Fence Farm. Consider a hot chocolate bar. 

5. Be prepared. 

Like every season in the mountains, the weather can be a little unpredictable. You can never go wrong renting a tent with removable flaps – just in case. Outdoor space heaters can make a huge difference, too. Fall in the mountains can be warm, chilly, or flat out cold. Keep an eye on the weather and have a back up plan with a back up plan. It will help keep things low stress. And at the end of the day, that’s what matters most! 

Author: Megan Biddix