You are currently viewing Festive holiday wedding: read on for a few ideas about making your holiday wedding extra merry & bright. 

Festive holiday wedding: read on for a few ideas about making your holiday wedding extra merry & bright. 

Do you start blasting Christmas music as soon as the temp drops below 60 degrees? Are you one of those people who truly thinks that this is without a doubt the most wonderful time of the year? If so, perhaps you should consider a holiday wedding. There are so many special little things that you can do to make your holiday wedding extra merry and bright. We’ve created a list of a few of our favorite special touches that are guaranteed to make your holiday wedding the event of the season. Read on to learn more.

All about the greenery…

Everyone loves a summer bouquet. But I think winter deserves a shout out, too. There’s just so much that you can do with evergreen. Decorate your programs with sprigs of evergreen. Create an evergreen vine or simple wreath. Or quite literally deck the halls! There are so many whimsical and modern twists on classic greenery that will help make your holiday wedding extra festive. Incorporate evergreen into your wedding bouquet or into your bridesmaids bouquets. Evergreen can also look especially elegant incorporated into boutonnieres. 

A holiday inspired drink menu! 

Nothing says merry and bright quite like a glass of bubbly. Consider having a champagne bar at your wedding. Opt for ginger cookies and mulled wine pre-ceremony. Hot cocoa with a splash of bourbon is a sweet way to end the party, too. I’m also a big fan of cranberry ginger cocktails this time of year, it’s a nice twist on the classic vodka-cranberry. The festive cocktail possibilities are limitless. Better yet, eggnog anyone? 

Flower favors.

Flowers are such great party favors this time of year. Chances are your wedding guests will be entertaining over the holidays, so getting to take home a bouquet of beautiful flowers is a treat. It’s such a great way to reduce waste, too. Your wedding guests can enjoy the flowers for days to come, and so will their family and friends. My favorite winter flowers? Rich red roses, sprigs of green eucalyptus, amaryllis, camellias, and ranunculus just to name a few. 

Cozy up.

Opt for a venue where you can have a roaring fire blazing. After all, there’s nothing more romantic than cozying up next to the fire. Strategically drape soft and fuzzy blankets all around the venue to extend the romantic vibe. No space for a fire? Opt for candlelight instead. The flickering of the flames will set the mood. 

Twinkle lights.

Don’t skimp on the lights! Twinkle lights are another great way to make a venue feel extra romantic. If fire is an absolute no-go at your venue, you can always add extra lights. String them over the dance floor or craft a glittering, romantic curtain out of them. Pinterest it. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. 

The jingle bell exit toss. 

Perhaps my most favorite idea. How festive and sweet…there’s nothing like the sound of Christmas bells. And Christmas bells on a wedding?! Perfect. They make great little party favors, too. 

Best of luck on planning the holiday wedding of your dreams! And don’t forget to check out our venue if you’re still searching for a space for your special day. Need extra lodging space for your guests? Consider our sister property, The Horton Hotel & Rooftop Lounge. 


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