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Tips and ideas for winter engagement photos 

We’re in the midst of engagement season… and yes, that’s a thing. If you haven’t already noticed on your Facebook and IG feed, give it a week or two more. You’ll start seeing ring pics left and right, trust me. From Thanksgiving through Valentine’s Day there’s a massive spike in proposals. I mean, it makes sense right? Family and friends are typically spending lots of time together during these months, especially December. It’s the perfect time to pop the question around everyone you love. So, if you’re newly engaged or thinking that maybe it’ll happen in the next couple of weeks (or months) you’ve got some planning to do. Read on for tips and ideas for winter engagement photos. 

First things first: engagement photos, of course! 

Engagement photos should be taken roughly a month to two months after the proposal. It’s good to go ahead and plan these first, before you start the process of wedding planning. We’re big fans of winter proposal pictures for many reasons. Summer weddings are still all the rage, so opt for winter engagement photos because then you’ll end up with a variety of amazing shots. Side note: we LOVE a beautiful winter wedding, go here to find out why you should too. 

Capture the magic of the moment 

Taking these photos sooner rather than later will give you more material to work with for wedding invitations, your wedding website, and more. Plus they make great keepsake gifts for family and friends. If you really want to capture the magic of the moment, this is a great time to do it. The engagement is still new and fresh, and the emotions are raw and real. The research you’ll do to find a photographer can pay off in the long run, too. If you love the way this photographer captures your engagement, chances are you’ll want to hire them to shoot your wedding. 

Get the perfect shot (or two) 

Okay, so you’ve decided the time is now and you want to have a fabulous winter engagement photo shoot. Make sure you choose a concept, and make time to meet with your photographer before the day/time of the shoot. A snowy shoot can be a lot of fun if you choose an extra wintery location. It can make things especially romantic and can leave you with a lot of dreamy photos. Make sure you choose the right time of day for your shoot, a good photographer will know all about that and can recommend the perfect times. 

Don’t forget to bundle up. 

How do you feel when you’re outside and you start to get cold? Uncomfortable, right? Make sure to layer up and wear cozy base layers so you can relax and enjoy the shoot. If you’re feeling uncomfortably cold, chances are that will show. And there’s no way you want that vibe in your engagement photos. Plus, engagement photos don’t need to be formal. Wear that beautiful knit scarf and your favorite denim. Or opt for a casual dress with fleece lined tights. Save the formality for your wedding day. 

Ready to find a photographer to shoot your engagement photos? 

Looking for a photographer based out of the high country? We’re big fans of High South Event Professionals, the high country’s wedding association. Head to their site to find information about all things weddings. From rustic to elegant venues, florists, innovative catering, music, and more, they feature so many of our local providers. Find a list of high country photographers by clicking here. 

We hope you find the perfect photographer! These blue ridge mountains are the perfect backdrop for your engagement photos. Consider using our space for your engagement photos. White Fence Farm is situated on over 100 private acres and is truly breathtaking. It’s pure magic out there, sun or snow.