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Unveiling the Top Summer Wedding Florist Trends for 2024

Top Summer Wedding Florist Trends for 2024 are Making a Big Splash this Year! As the temperatures rise and love fills the air, summer wedding season is just about to be in full swing, and what better way to celebrate than with a stunning array of floral arrangements? White Fence Farm, a fully private and easy to access wedding venue, brings you the deets on the 2024 latest floral trends. Discover what you want, see new ideas, and consider out-of-the-bouquet arrays! Trends in the wedding floristry industry for 2024 are guaranteed to elevate your summer nuptials to new heights of romance and show-stopper vibes. Which Florist Trends are you going to fall for?

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Summer Wedding Florist Trends | Sustainable Florals

In 2024, eco-conscious couples are opting for sustainable floral arrangements that not only beautify their wedding day but also minimize environmental impact. From locally sourced blooms to reusable or repurposed containers and compostable materials, sustainability is at the forefront of floral design right now. Ask local florists about their commitment to eco-friendly practices to ensure your wedding flowers are both stunning and sustainable.

Bring the Drama Florist Trends | Statement Installations

Say goodbye to traditional table centerpieces and hello to statement installations that wow your guests and create unforgettable photo opportunities. From suspended floral chandeliers to lush flower walls and arches, bold and dramatic floral installations are stealing the spotlight in 2024. Imagine exchanging vows beneath a canopy of cascading blooms or dancing the night away surrounded by a sea of flowers – the possibilities are endless at White Fence Farm because the barn lends itself to a blank canvas.

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Keepsake Florist Trends | Dried Florals

Embrace the timeless beauty of dried florals for a chic touch to your summer wedding décor. From pampas grass and dried palm leaves to preserved roses and lavender, dried flowers add texture and a touch of nostalgia to your arrangements. Whether incorporated into fresh bouquets, boutonnieres, or table-scapes, dried florals are a versatile choice that complements many wedding styles, from bohemian to modern. You can even dry your own flowers for a DIY project.

50 Shades of Color | Bold Color Palettes

This summer, embrace vibrant hues and bold color palettes to make a statement with your wedding florals. From jewel tones to tropical shades, don’t be afraid to infuse your arrangements with personality and flair. Mix and match bold blooms like dahlias, peonies, and ranunculus for a palette that pops against lush greenery and neutral backgrounds. The days of pastel are slipping away and vibrancy is moving in.

Stunning Wedding Florist Trends | Floral Hoops and Accessories

For brides looking to add a touch of whimsy to their bridal attire, floral head-piece hoops and floral hair accessories are a must-have trend for 2024. Whether adorning your hairstyle with a delicate flower crown or carrying a floral hoop instead of a traditional bouquet, these unique accessories add a playful and feminine touch to your bridal look. Even consider braiding floral stems into your hair or the back of your dress.

Elevate Your Wedding Florals – Follow the Florist Trends that Speak to you this year!

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At White Fence Farm, your unique love story and personal vibes are easy to implement because the property lends itself to a blank canvas. Whether you’re planning an intimate mini-wedding or a grand-wedding celebration, create memories that will last a lifetime at White Fence Farm under the stars and barn. Full privacy with no limitations on party time at the venue. Contact WFF today to start planning your unforgettable summer wedding. 2024 wedding dates are available. Weekday weddings are available too! Consider a Thursday wedding with a small group of loved ones, stay at the farmhouse all weekend, and turn your celebration into a weekend getaway!

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