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White Fence Farm Wedding Venue: A Real Wedding

A High Country Wedding Venue Farm-Tale: Megan & Harry’s Unforgettable Day at White Fence Farm

Selecting the ideal wedding venue is a pivotal decision for any couple, especially those seeking the magic of a high country wedding. For Megan and Harry, the journey to find their dream setting was nothing short of serendipitous. Join us as we explore their enchanting high country wedding at White Fence Farm, where rustic charm met mountain elegance. Where a farm wedding venue painted the ultimate backdrop.

Discovering White Fence Farm Wedding Venue: A Hidden Gem

Megan and Harry’s quest for the perfect wedding venue in the high country led them on an adventure filled with surprises. They longed for a place that embodied casual, low-key elegance. One fateful day, as they turned into the White Fence Farm property driveway, they were greeted by a scene straight from a mountain fairy tale. A barn with character, rolling hills, and white farm house fit with a porch.

Megan’s dad, in awe, declared he’d be on the porch swing, enjoying the view! He said, “we’re done right?” Seemed as though the family was ready to seal the deal and commit to White Fence Farm. Unbelievably, Megan had a minor mishap walking down the driveway that day, she sprained her ankle, but ultimately the allure of the farm remained undiminished. They said yes to the farm wedding venue.

A Memorable Rainy Day Turned Radiant

On the big day, the high country weather had its own plans, with rain and foggy conditions. The barn at White Fence Farm serves wedding guests well on these days. Megan and Harry embraced the precipitation, arranging their chairs in a circle around the tent, that comes with the farm, to ensure everyone was part of their intimate high country ceremony. After the vows were exchanged, the rain ceased, unveiling a stunning fresh evening, showcasing the unique beauty of a high country wedding.

The mountains in the High Country are known for misty, cool, and rainy days – no matter the season – so go with it! Be like Megan and Harry and put your vows and ceremony first and watch the rest of the party unfold beautifully.

Engraved Pocket Watch and Personal Vows

One of the most heartwarming moments was when Megan and Harry first laid eyes on each other. Megan’s dad had a pocket watch engraved for Harry, a touching gesture that left Megan in tears. With nearly a decade of togetherness behind them, there were no jitters—only pure excitement and joy. Their self-written vows remain close to their hearts, to be recited once again on their 10th anniversary, a testament to the enduring romance of a high country wedding.

A Night of Celebration and Togetherness on a Farm Wedding Venue

Megan and Harry’s high country celebration continued long into the night. With a karaoke machine, they sang throwback songs with their loved ones, reveling in shared laughter and music. A bonfire and sparklers lit up the high country evening, and the entire wedding party enjoyed a sleepover in the farmhouse.

Party in Privacy in the High Country

White Fence Farm’s privacy and intimacy were among its key attractions for Megan and Harry. They cherished the feeling of being disconnected from the world while remaining just a short drive from Boone in the heart of the high country. It’s a sentiment that has drawn them back to the farm for their anniversary, to unplug and reconnect amidst the stunning backdrop of the high country. The couple and their friends were able to party into the night all to themselves! No rushed midnight clean up at the farm!

White Fence Farm LOVES to host wedding couples for years and years to come, celebrating anniversaries, growing families, and reunions. Consider a destination wedding venue where you can retreat back to in the future.

Call White Fence Farm to book a tour or a weekend getaway (828) 202-4262. CLICK HERE to see the farm virtually and book a stay.

Unique Farm Wedding Venue Features and Personal Touches

The farm’s stage served multiple roles, from family photos to a dance floor, adding to the versatility of the high country venue. The presence of farm equipment provided unique and rustic backgrounds for memorable high country photos.

Insider Advice for Future High Country Couples

Megan and Harry’s recommendation for couples considering White Fence Farm in the high country is to rent the venue for an extended period. Add on a few days! This allowed them to set up at their own pace and enjoy quality time alone after the guests had departed, a luxury that elevated their high country experience.

A Farm Wedding Venue with Unmatched Value

Megan may not recall the precise cost, given that it’s been a decade, but what truly mattered was the freedom to choose vendors without restrictions and supply their own alcohol. This flexibility added tremendous value to their high country wedding experience.

The Farm-Tale Comes to a Sentimental Close

In one word, Megan describes her wedding ceremony at White Fence Farm in the high country as “sentimental.” Their love story unfolded against the backdrop of a picturesque high country farm, showcasing the beauty of love, family, and cherished moments. White Fence Farm became the perfect setting for their high country fairy tale wedding, where rustic charm and mountain elegance seamlessly merged, leaving lasting memories of their unforgettable day.

Written by Andrea Morton, Creative Blogging + Marketing Strategies
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