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Unlock the Perfect Stage for your Music Events: Book White Fence Farm

Ever been that person that wants to put on local music events? Does your organization have a fundraiser tied to some talented musicians? Maybe you’re in a band and want to gather your fans in one spot for a special performance or recording? Perhaps you’re a part of a creative musical community and you’ve been dreaming up a live showcase for some time?

Small-scale music events and festivals offer a unique and immersive experience with live performances, true community, and shared passion all working together to make magic. While the big music festivals and headliner concerts, of course, dominate the spotlight, there has been a rising trend of hosting small music events and festivals at local venues drawing in local audiences.

Your music dreams could come true, and booking an event venue like White Fence Farm makes it possible. The farm venue ultimately provides the perfect grassy backdrop for an exhilarating music experience.

Checkout the end of this blog to find out about our Spotlight Featured Event: Boonerang Fest! Have you been searching for more local music events? This is the festival for you! The lineup for Saturday, June 17th is listed, just scroll down to the bottom…see you there!

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Discover an Affordable Venue for your Music Events | White Fence Farm

Finding an affordable event venue that can accommodate live performances and an audience can often be a tough challenge. Not all venues are designed with the capabilities your musical event may need. However, with a bit of creativity and research, it’s possible to discover venues that do offer the perfect space without breaking the bank. White Fence Farm is known for being an affordable outdoor venue with barn coverage, making it the ideal spot for hosting music events and parties. There’s no compromising on quality or atmosphere either; it’s the whole package!

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Here’s a few reasons why White Fence Farm is a perfect venue for small/local music events:

  • Intimacy and Connection: Small music events held at a private venue, like White Fence Farm, offer a more intimate setting compared to large concert halls and amphitheaters. With an intimate capacity, attendees can enjoy a closer connection with the performers.
  • One-of-a-kind Setting: Event venues provide a diverse range of settings for hosting small music events and festivals. Whether it’s a historic building, a picturesque outdoor space, or a converted industrial warehouse, these venues offer a distinct ambiance that adds to the festival’s character. The unique surroundings at White Fence Farm immerse attendees in nature with 105 acres of pure privacy, complete with bubbling springs, a fish pond, cow fields, personal hiking trails, and vintage farm equipment, surrounded by delightful wildflowers tree-topped mountain-scapes. 
  • Tons of Amenities: Restrooms, parking, and a rustic stage under a barn for performances with a dance floor area right in front…all available at White Fence Farm! The barn is complete with a bar and can seat up to 80-100 people, equipped with electricity and water access. Event tents, chairs, farm tables, and wooden benches are also available for rent. If you need more space for seating, rent a tent and set it up next to the barn. There is no limit on how many people you can have on the property. PLUS you can turn the music events into overnight retreats with unlimited tent spaces on the property!
  • One night stay in our 3 bedroom farmhouse.
  • Private use of all 105 acres with plenty of tent camping space, if needed
  • 20×40 covered dance floor for music events
  • Fire pit
  • Parking for 150 cars
  • Garbage cans and trash trailer which we will remove
  • Lighting in the barn and stage
  • Hot water and refrigeration in the barn
  • Bathrooms and shower in the barn
  • Hiking trails around property
  • Pond access and more!
  • 3-bedroom farmhouse: one night included in venue rental, and you can add additional nights
  • 2 vintage Airstreams
  • 1 vintage camper
  • Large and small event tents
  • Prop room: an extra sleeping space filled with furniture and other props which can be used to decorate property
  • and much more!

Affordability is a key factor for music event planning! White Fence Farm has specialty packages created to match the needs of their guests. Choose a package that includes what you want, and work with property owners to select the right package for your fest!

With some DIY and creativity you could easily be hosting a spectacular High Country event for your fans and followers! Hosting an affordable music festival or party is possible with the right venue choice. Remember, affordability doesn’t mean compromising on quality or atmosphere—it’s about finding the right space that aligns with your vision and provides an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

Please feel free to call us at 828-202-4262 or CLICK HERE to complete and submit a contact form. 

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Just think of the possibilities…

Curated Lineups and Niche Genres! Small music festivals at event venues often have a carefully curated lineup, focusing on specific music genres or themes. This specialization allows festival organizers to cater to specific audiences and provide hyper-focused experiences. Whether it’s a mini bluegrass festival, a folk music gathering, or a celebration of a particular music era, the curated lineup ensures that attendees can fully immerse themselves in the music they love.

Feature Local Talent: Event venues hosting small music festivals often prioritize community engagement and local talent. By showcasing emerging artists and supporting local musicians, these festivals contribute to the growth of the local music scene and provide a platform for up-and-coming talents to shine. This emphasis on community creates a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere, fostering a sense of pride and unity among attendees. It also makes space for musicians with roots that tie back to a community to return. “Comeback Concerts” can be very popular and draw a lot of attention. 

LOCAL Spotlight Feature: Boonerang Music & Arts Fest | Boone, North Carolina’s Community Homecoming Celebration!Music events

June 15-17, 2023

Boonerang Music & Arts Festival celebrates Boone, North Carolina with a free downtown street festival; this community homecoming brings Boone-connected artists and fans together every third weekend in June to Boonerang back to the place we love. A family-friendly arts & music festival, Boonerang truly has something for everyone – all ages!

Boonerang Fest has 7 stages of LIVE music this year? 🎶

South Depot Stage
641 RPM / BACR Stage
Jones House
North Depot Stage
Appalachian Theatre
Dance Lot at Wild Craft Eatery
Kids Zone at Watauga Library

With a full schedule throughout Saturday (June 17, 2023), there’s a whole lot of music, performances, and dancing to enjoy! Join the community this month, bring your friends and family, and take part in Boone’s 2nd Boonerang Fest! Reach out to


Check out the kid zone information below:

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Written by Andrea Morton, Creative Blogging + Marketing Strategies