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Reimagine Family Reunions and Embrace New Trends: Reasons to Book yours at a Venue!

Family Reunions are Gaining Popularity: Explore an Event Venue for your Next Get-Together!

Family reunions are a treasured tradition, a gathering of generations to strengthen family bonds and uncover important memories. How else will we find out about that time Grandpa drove clear across the country with $10 in his pocket? While traditional family reunions often took place in homes or in public parks, the growing trend of hosting these gatherings at private event venues is on the rise. This shift allows families to truly create experiences that cater to their specific needs and wants. It also offers families exclusivity, so they can spend meaningful time together talking, dancing and enjoying a meal.

Family reunions

When relatives attend family reunions, they often do a great deal of root tracing and heritage studying during the lead up. The educational and legacy piece that families develop as they attend and host their family reunions regularly is special, and without the dedicated event time some families have difficulty holding onto significant history and stories.

Family reunions

Why are family reunions on the rise? The pandemic certainly kept us all away from many of our loved ones for an extended period of time, and now, naturally people have a deep desire to see one another in person again. Its just been too long and many are feeling ready!

It’s true that during the pandemic, we saw an increase in virtual family socialization. This uptick in virtual connection ultimately is a key reason for the drive to host true in-person reunions again. During all of that time zooming with grandparents and cousins, many relatives dreamed up and made big plans to gather in person once travel and health concerns became safer. Last summer, more than 50% of travelers, in a survey of 2000 summer travelers, said they were attending proper family style reunions. As our worlds shift and change, family reunion events are also transforming from awkward gatherings into fun adventures. Families are not holding back, they’re embracing the new trends and the new venues, as they plan their get-togethers!

Host Your Next Family Reunion at an Event Venue: Enjoy all the Benefits that come with your Venue!

  1. Convenience and Space: One of the best advantages of hosting family reunions at an event venue is the convenience it provides the whole group. Venues, especially those with outdoor spaces, are designed to accommodate large groups and families of all sizes. Restrooms, parking, and seating are all built into the design, making the planning easy for those in charge of putting together the logistics. Booking a private event venue means you don’t have to fight with crowds, and that’s the best convenience of all!
  2. Customizable Experiences: Decorate your event venue and choose a theme for a truly unique occasion. From personalized decorations to family recipe-based menus, you have the freedom to create an experience that reflects your family’s values and interests. Include family facts, names, or even a family coat of arms on the menus or cocktail napkins. Whether you envision an elegant banquet, a casual rustic affair, or an interactive event with party games, private event venues offer the blank space you need to bring your vision to life.
  3. Accommodations and Amenities: Many event venues are equipped with amenities and accommodations to enhance your family reunion experience. Some venues offer on-site lodging options, allowing some family members to stay together in close proximity. This just means the party can last all weekend!
white fence farm
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White Fence Farm, just 15 minutes from downtown Boone, NC, is an affordable option for family reunions equipped with a farmhouse, other guest accommodations, a vintage barn, a tent, and a 105 acres of grassy rolling hills to play on. Most say it’s like renting your own private nature reserve! You’ll even find hiking and 4-wheeler trails on site! The property offers a beautiful, unique, and peaceful hideaway. The farm is surrounded by pasture land and cattle, colorful wildflowers, several creeks, a fish pond, and a functional barn and stage for entertaining (previous home to the ‘Trade Music Farm’). The farmhouse and grounds are decorated with old farm antiques bringing you back to the early 1900’s where things were simple and serene.

boone, nc

Embrace the Latest Family Reunion Trends: Make yours a Party your Family Won’t Want to Miss!

  1. Multigenerational Activities: Family reunions are no longer limited to just catching up over meals and conversations. Instead, families are seeking out multigenerational activities that engage the whole bunch, from the youngest toddler to the eldest members. Find a way to strengthen family ties across different age groups by putting together family photo scrapbooks during the event. Instead of bringing the books and albums already done, have family members work together to build books together. Bring multiple copies of photos and letters and blank scrapbooks along with stickers and craft items and see what the family creates!
  2. Eco-Reunions: With increased awareness of environmental issues, families are embracing eco-friendly practices in their reunions. Choose to organize a nature-focused activity during your reunion, something all ages can participate in. This will end up being a bond-building moment for the entire family. Consider designing a moderate to easy trail treasure hunt! Create a map, name things after key family members, hide goodies along the trail, and reward the fam with a big treat at the end of the trail or a photo opportunity. This trend allows your fam to work towards a collective effort while celebrating family connection in nature; it will likely be the most remembered thing you do together all weekend!
  3. Destination Reunions: Another trend gaining popularity is hosting destination family reunions at event venues. Choosing a scenic location or even a place with sentimental value is like icing on the cake for the family. Whether it’s a beachside resort, a rustic mountainside retreat, or a bustling city center, destination reunions allow families to explore new surroundings and make lasting memories with each other.

If you find yourself searching for the perfect summer month destination look no further than the High Country! Warmer weather visitors can venture out for white water trips, nature hiking, floats down the New River, or bike rides on the Virginia Creeper Trail. Zip-lining is close by too!

Rent White Fence Farm for your family reunions and enjoy acres of privacy, dog-friendly accommodations, WiFi, a stage for a band, catering space, farm tables and benches for dining, and more. Additional lodging is also available in our vintage/Airstream campers on the property and unlimited tent/camping space all around, including an RV hook-up. We even have vacation rentals just 15 minutes away in downtown Boone, NC for overflow stays!

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Contact us to book your retreat, make those calls and gather the family! Call 828-202-4262 to book now!

Hosting family reunions at an event venue opens up a world of possibilities for creating unforgettable experiences. The convenience, customization, and private accommodations provided by booking an event venue ensures that your family will be comfortable and at ease. Venturing to new destinations, engaging the whole family in creative activities, and incorporating personalized details are all ways your family reunions can be updated and brought into the future. Reimagining yours will help you make it compelling and could really impact the family attendance. Plan and create a new tradition your family looks forward to for years to come.

Written by Andrea Morton, Creative Blogging + Marketing Strategies