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Planning a trip over the holidays? | Here’s what you need to know!

I’m all about mixing up tradition. Don’t get me wrong, I love tradition. But there’s something exciting about changing things up every once in awhile, and maybe in the process actually starting a new tradition. The first time I decided to travel over the holidays there were quite a few things I wish I would have thought about in advance. So, I started thinking about all of you guys who might be planning your first trip over the holidays, and decided to put together this post. Read on for some insight about planning a trip over the holidays. 

Why are you traveling? 

First things first, what type of traveler are you? Are you visiting family members you haven’t seen in ages? Are you wanting to take a little Christmas vacation? Are you bringing the kids, the dog, Santa’s sleigh, and maybe a few elves, too? There are many types of travelers over the holidays, and a little bit of planning goes a long way, especially before the holidays. Setting goals and outlining your trip before you’re in route to your final destination is incredibly helpful. Don’t fly by the seat of your pants this time of year. Many places will already be booked, so plan in advance to avoid disappointment. 

For the traveler visiting long lost family… 

Are you planning on visiting those family members that you’ve been putting off visiting? (Yes, we all have them.) Be gentle with yourself, and remember that you are NOT obligated to stay with them in their home. Yes, you CAN book a hotel room or rental home. And YES it will still be just as special. Trust me, I’ve been there. Amidst all the family time, do try to make some time for yourself and get out and explore a little. Especially if you’re somewhere new.

For the traveler just wanting to vacay…

This is a holiday, and this is also vacation. Kind of the best of both worlds, right? I love seeing all that I can see when I’m traveling to a new place, but remember: you’re traveling over the holidays. Many places may have different operating hours than normal, and some might even be closed. Call in advance to make reservations and ensure that the places and things you want to see will be open and ready for business. Oh, and be kind. A little bit of kindness goes a long way when you’re encountering those who are having to work over the holidays. 

For the traveler with kids in tow… 

Book a vacation rental home. It really is worth it. You’ll have space to cook, if you’d like. The kids will have plenty of room to play. You can even bring along a few decorations, too. Some vacation rental homes are already decorated for the holidays, and that’s always extra festive. Just check with the homeowner. Not only that, but if you’re visiting family it’s always fun to have them over for an evening during your trip, too. Just so they don’t have to do all of the entertaining at their place. I’ve made many great memories doing this with family over the years. 

Safe travels, and happy planning! 

It can be really fun to experience the holidays in a new place. Have your own special travel traditions over the holidays? We’d love to hear! Share them with us on Instagram or Facebook. And of course, consider making some special memories in one of our vacation rental homes. Looking for a hotel? Consider our sister property, The Horton Hotel & Rooftop Lounge