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Top Reasons Couples Choose Wedding Venues Near Boone, NC

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The decision process as to where to wed can be a fun one. Over the past ten years, we have met many couples and on each tour around the property looking for wedding venues near Boone, NC. It is interesting to ask couples why they are considering the Boone, NC, area as the spot to tie the knot. Here are some of the top reasons that influence their decision to pick a venue in the High Country.

Top reasons that influence the decision to pick a wedding venue near Boone, NC

For many, the obvious reason is that one or both of the partners in the couple grew up in the area. Have you heard of the “boone-arang” effect? People may leave but have a hard time staying away. Some have moved to another area, but have left their heart in the High Country, and are looking to reconnect with a hometown feel.

We can’t overlook the Appalachian State grads or even those from neighboring Lees McRae, who may have flown far away post degree but met on campus and are looking to celebrate their love back at their Alma Mater. Not only is it a thrill for the couple to return, but many of their guests are excited to participate in a reunion close to campus.

Then, there are those who spent their summers in the area throughout their development or wintered on the slopes of the ski mountains and are eager to return for their special day. Boone has always held a magical place in their hearts and to find a venue in the Boone, NC, area, creates another excuse to return for years to come.

Other things to consider when looking at wedding venues near Boone

A view of the property at White Fence Farms, part of the list of wedding venues near Boone, NC

The beauty of Boone is another allure, offering many venues with wide open spaces, like White Fence Farm, where guests can hike and enjoy the mountainous landscape complete with bonfires and star filled skies overhead. For many, it is their first time in the area, but are looking for a destination that will provide their guests an opportunity for adventure and an escape into nature. Many venues, like White Fence Farm, also offer camping options for those who really want to create an outdoor adventure – an aspect that many “Boonies” love.

We also need to consider the price. Choosing a wedding venue in the Boone, NC, area can work to keep costs down as many vendors have a lower price tag than might be found in larger cities, although those looking for a more extravagant event, can find many options as well.

Overall, there is no “cooler” place than Boone, NC, especially in the summer months. For those looking for an outdoor wedding, the High Country’s temps are perfect day and night. And with a cooler climate, comes less problems with mosquitos and other insects. What a bonus!

It honestly is hard to come up with a reason why one shouldn’t get married in Boone, NC. Of course, there are many venues to choose from. White Fence Farm really does highlight all the perks of the area, overflowing with rustic, natural beauty. The venue also serves as a vacation rental, so that couples can return with their families for years to come. After all, it’s hard to ignore the Boonerang.

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Affordable rates, easy access, and very private! Rustic vibes, barn setting with beautiful rolling hill mountainous landscape. Gorgeous natural bowl amphitheater makes for the perfect simple spot for nuptials. Tent set up, farm tables, wooden barrels, handmade benches and antique church pews all a part of the venue for you to use. Stage under the barn with a fun dance floor available too! Accommodations on the property for wedding party, friends, and fam making it all inclusive feeling. Kitchen ready for you to use, and catering area under the barn adds just the right touch for your vendors. Restrooms right in the barn, and easy access up the driveway – perfect for guests.

White Fence Farms wedding venue is a great option for couples looking for wedding venues near Boone, NC