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New 2023 Wedding Trends You’ll actually want to Follow

2023 Wedding Trends are all about re-inventing the wedding!

Thinking outside of the box and personalizing the experience for guests is what it’s all about these days. Paying attention to the details and making memories are top priorities for couples getting married in 2023. As couples are coming off years that involved pandemic and quarantine they are reevaluating what it means to host a wedding and event. The trends we can expect to take hold in 2023 and beyond are exciting and like never seen before!

The quickly changing wedding world is open to all ideas and inclusivity. Couples are marching into 2023 feeling inspired and ready to make a mark! Try one of all five of these 2023 Wedding Trends this year and you’re sure to have a memorable day.colorful weddings

LOCAL Love is a 2023 Wedding Trend we’re Loving to see!

Couples understand how hard small businesses worked to stay afloat and survive during the pandemic, and they are showing their support for their favorite locals by choosing them over big-box and corporate companies on their special day.

Ways you can make your wedding day local:

  1. Choose a local food truck to feed your hungry guests, either keep it casual for the main meal or bring in the food truck to satisfy those late night cravings! It doubles as a great backdrop for fun photos too!
  2. Visit your local bakery for sweet treats on your wedding day. Maybe skip the fancy cake and purchase freshly made local cookies for your wedding dessert!
  3. Seek out a local band to play tunes at your reception. Plus you’ll get a few extra date nights out on the town as you attend a few gigs to make your choice!2023 wedding trends

Turning up the volume on FASHION is a 2023 Wedding Trend we are Pumped about!

The pandemic temporarily put a hold large celebrations and gave rise to more micro-weddings with minimalist vibes, but couples are itching to push the limits this year with bolder and bigger ideas. Colorful weddings are on the rise from attire to decor. There’s also a great deal of attention being placed on men’s wedding fashion this year.

Try these wedding fashion tips to push the envelope on your wedding day:

  1. Forget the traditional veil and choose a hat or intricate head piece. It’s your day queen!
  2. Pantone’s Color of the Year, Viva Magenta 18-1750, vibrates with vim and vigor. It is a shade rooted in nature descending from the red family and expressive of a new signal of strength. Dip dye your wedding dress or tie in this color, or keep it more simple and paint your nails in this hue.
  3. Buy matching funny underwear with bright prints or patterns, and take a clever photo showing off your newlywed underdoos…

2023 wedding trends

Guest-centered EXPERIENCES, a 2023 Wedding Trend we’re having Fun with!

Couples care more now about the comfort of their guests than ever before, they want their guests to feel at ease from start to finish. And beyond the comfort they want their guests to take away a memory, many couples are dreaming up and creating unexpected experiences for their guests to have on their special day.

2023 wedding trends

Think outside of the box and surprise your guests with one of these experiences:

  1. Escort guests in a unique way from car to ceremony…think ski lifts, horse and buggy, vintage cars…
  2. Poker tables or other games set up during cocktail hour to engage the crowd. Door prizes are fun too!
  3. Fire pits and s’more stations scattered about the reception will keep your guests toasty!
  4. Live performances during the reception such as fire dancing or traditional musical artists.
  5. Hosting a small sized intimate wedding? Go on a hike after the ceremony together!hiking

Masterpiece BACKDROPS are a 2023 Wedding Trend we are Blown away by!

Gorgeous views for the ceremony are key this year. Dressing up those views with artistically created backdrops is a growing trend that the creatives out there are ready for. From fresh floral over the top designs to abstract installations we can expect to see things we’ve never seen before this year for the nuptials.

How to create a one-of-a-kind backdrop for you and your honey to say “I Do” in front of:

  1. Hire a local artist to paint a mural. Make it a fabric stand or even a wooden structure, seek out the advice of an artist or DIY if you’re crafty and artsy too!
  2. Ask your florist to intertwine brightly colored twinkle lights with their fresh floral designs to create an eye-catching ceremony spot. The use of lights will add a flare that won’t be overlooked.
  3. Use neon signs to add dazzle to your event. Customize the signs, show off your favorite saying or inside joke…make it personal!

Hosting weddings OUTDOORS, a 2023 wedding trend that carries over from 2020, and we’re taking in the Fresh Air!

The pandemic has shaped us as a whole in many ways and couples are now preferring vast open spaces and breathing in fresher air while celebrating in large groups. Call it safe if you want but outdoor events offer more than just extra safety…You get gorgeous backgrounds, ambiance, and natural lighting for photos with the outdoors. Your photographer will be so happy! Just be sure your venue offers a rain plan.

The Outdoor Wedding Venue you must check out in the High Country:

  1. White Fence Farm: If you’re looking to get married in a rustic setting, White Fence Farm offers the perfect outdoor venue for a fabulous farm wedding just 15 minutes from downtown Boone, NC. With affordable rates, easy access, and privacy you will fall in love with the farm. You get to use the barn and tents, tables, pews, decor and more! There is a 3 bedroom historic farmhouse along with 2 Airstreams available for lodging, plus camping areas too. And don’t overlook the stage and dance floor – all covered and ready for your party! 

2023 wedding trends

Give us a ring to chat about your 2023 or 2024 wedding. We’re ready to answer all your questions about pricing and availability. YES, we still have 2023 dates for you – ask about weekday rentals too! Plan a trendy wedding with us on the farm!

Written by Andrea Morton, Creative Blogging + Marketing Strategies