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Wanderlust Resolutions: Embrace New Travel Trends for the New Year with White Fence Farm Rentals

As the New Year approaches, it’s not just about setting New Year’s resolutions, like eat better and get in more steps. It’s now more about crafting experiences for the upcoming year and carving out time for more memory-making moments. There’s been a notable shift in New Year’s resolutions towards a desire for travel, connection, and exploration. The phrase, “Year of the GOAT,” which stands for greatest of all trips, is trending, growing, and gaining popularity. The spotlight is shining bright on once-in-a-lifetime getaways with loved ones. Families reunions, solo retreats, and couple’s sneak-aways are all being put on the top of priority lists this coming year.

Consider embracing the exciting new travel trends that are shaping New Year’s resolutions at the White Fence Farm Farmhouse, located in picturesque Trade, TN, just a short 15-minute drive from downtown Boone, NC. Or give downtown Boone, NC a try and stayover at one of the White Fence Farm downtown vacation houses: The Downtown Boone House or The Appalachian House.

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1. Slowdown Travel Trends for Mindful Exploration:

Bid farewell to the rush and stress of hectic schedules. Slow travel is gaining popularity as a New Year’s resolution, emphasizing the art of savoring each moment. Choose destinations like Trade, TN, where the serene landscapes and calming surroundings at White Fence Farm encourage a more mindful approach to exploration. The the scenic route this time. Take slowing down just one step further and turn off your GPS, use a paper map to get to your destination instead. Highlight your route and find your way…

“Afoot and lighthearted
I take to the open roads”
-Walt Whitman

2. Digital Detox Retreats:

In a world dominated by screens, the desire to unplug is driving the trend of digital detox retreats. Consider making a resolution to spend quality time away from technology and immerse yourself in the natural beauty surrounding the High Country. Reconnect with nature, loved ones, and yourself at White Fence Farm. The Farmhouse is surrounded by 105 private acres – you can soak up that “off the grid” feeling easily with green rolling hills as far as the eye can see. Digital detoxing isn’t the easiest of the travel trends to follow, but it’s worth giving a try!

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3. Eco-tourism and Sustainable Travel Trends:

With a growing awareness of environmental impact, many individuals are resolving to make more sustainable travel choices. Find hotels and vacay rentals that allow you to align your New Year’s resolutions to travel with a dedication to ecofriendly features. How do you find sustainable hotels and rentals anywhere you travel?

  1. Consider booking locally-owned vacation accommodations, they are often able to provide more ecofriendly environments
  2. Use new sustainable travel filters on booking websites to find sustainable hotels.
  3. Initiatives to be on the look out for include: refillable amenities, locally made furnishings, recycling bins on site, and chemical-free and natural cleaning products.

4. Culinary Adventure Travel Trends:

Food-centric travel trends are on the rise, and sniffing out the best of the best local dining spots is the ultimate adventure. Explore the culinary delights of the High Country and uncover the Appalachian food scene – smells like smoky bbq… Make it a resolution to savor new flavors and indulge in farm-to-table experiences during your stays. Ask the locals where they recommend, and lean on their advice to find off-the-beaten-path restaurants that tourists often overlook. Don’t be discouraged by the shabby building, sometimes those are the hidden gems. Also, seek out local chef-directed cooking classes.

5. Workcation for a Balanced Lifestyle:

The lines between work and leisure continue to blur, leading to the rise of workcations. This New Year, resolve to achieve a balanced lifestyle by combining work with travel. Vacation rental homes offer a lowkey environment, providing the perfect backdrop for a productive yet rejuvenating workcation.

6. Four Legged Carry-on Travel Trends:

Nearly 40% of families travel with their four-legged family members. This is nearly a 20% increase over the last decade. Finding the perfect pet-friendly accommodations is key to being comfortable on your stay with your fur baby. Features that you should hold in high regard when searching for a pet-friendly vacation rental include: easy access to outdoor areas for play and potty, complimentary pet amenities like treats, water bowls, or refuse baggies, and cleaning fees to ensure the vacation rental owner takes cleanliness seriously.

White Fence Farm offers dog-friendly accommodations! A $50 pet fee is added one time for the duration of the stay, and all three rental options are perfect places for your furry friend getaway! Hiking trails located close by, walkability in downtown Boone, and even pup-friendly dining and drinking options around the area. Consider sitting at the patio of The Cardinal with your pup for a locally brewed beer and a burger with fries (just a short 5 minute drive from White Fence Farm downtown Boone locations)!


7. Challenge yourself to an Immersive Experience:

New travel trends point to discovering heritage and local traditions. Move beyond commercialized tourist attractions and seek immersive cultural experiences instead. Use this vacation time to learn about something you’ve never considered before. Start out with a museum or landmark tour, stop at local art galleries to take in the texture and color of the place, and venture out to hear the local music scene.

Jump all-in on Travel Trends for the New Year!

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As you usher in the New Year, consider making travel a central theme in your upcoming resolutions. Whether it’s embracing slowed down travel, enjoying a digital detox, or exploring sustainable options, White Fence Farm Vacation Rentals offers a cozy and welcoming space for your journey. Start the year with a sense of wanderlust and a commitment to exploration. Check availability HERE and pull out your 2024 calendar!

Choose your favorite White Fence Farm Rental and get started on these travel trends now:

  • The Farmhouse (sleeps 6)
  • The Downtown Boone House (sleeps 6)
  • The Appalachian House (sleeps 4)


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Written by Andrea Morton, Creative Blogging + Marketing Strategies